Get ready for a perfect day

I thank you for trusting me to photograph one of the most beautiful days of your life.

This small guide is intended to help you organize the day of your wedding or your elopement. There is no obligation, these are just tips to help me make beautiful pictures. My experience as a professional photographer allows me to adapt to all situations. But keep in mind that the quality of the photograph also depends on the light and the location.


Getting Ready

The choice of place is important when you prepare. Choosing a place with a little soul and history always makes the difference. It may be a family home, a hotel or a place of your choice. The best would be to find a nicely decorated and tidy room, with lots of light. Think about emptying, removing bags, the iron, etc. You need comfort and space. The room might be spacious because you will not be alone. This moment is usually shared with your bridesmaids, your closest friends and certain providers. Limit the number of people in this space. I bring a particular care to the photos of the various accessories of this day (wedding rings, dresses, loved things), keep them available.



If you have chosen to have a secular ceremony outdoors during the summer, the best time is about 3 hours before sunset. The golden hour is always easier to manage and allows to create beautiful atmospheres and perfect backgrounds. If the ceremony is at 2 PM in a shadowless environment, your guests will suffer from the heat. Futhermore, the « hard » light creates hard shadows under the eyes or nose. If you have no choice, you might consider planning the ceremony in a shady place for better light and comfort. If possible, place a space between the first people sitting and yourself, to make it easier to shoot and not to disturb your guests. Think of the perspectives when placing the chairs. If you plan to have audio equipment (microphones, speakers), send the instruction to the DJ to pay attention to their placement into the decoration. Ask him for a small discreet wireless microphone (lavalier) rather than a large hand microphone for example, and ensure that the speakers are not too close to you.


Group Photos

The best advice I can give you is to prepare a list of groups. I know it’s not the best time of the day for you, but it’s something that really concerns me. These images are the memory of your day for your family and friends. A list of 6 to 8 groups seems to be a good compromise. I also take informal photos of the guests during the cocktail. Show me the people who matter most for you to be sure that I have photographed them well. Another advice would be to provide a « decor » for these photos (a bench, some chairs, a beautiful background), I will guide you during the day if you wish. In my opinion, it is wise to start with the largest groups and finish with the smallest. These group photos can quickly become VERY time consuming, organizing well this moment upstream is an asset. The best moment is right after the ceremony because all the guests are present and attentive.


 Couple’s Photos

These images are essential. These are the ones that need the best light and the best environment. I do not impose anything but here are my best recommendations. First of all the location is important. The best is to go to a nearby place where no guests can see us, so that you are comfortable. The timing is very important because it determines the light. The best light of the day will arrive about 1 hour before sunset. During the cocktail. I ask between 15 and 30 minutes to make these pictures. Doing this session during the cocktail will allow you to breathe a little, to find you just a few moments and recharge the batteries before the evening. Your guests will not notice your absence and you will come back just before the start of the diner, perfect! One last tip: DO NOT FEAR! Trust me, I know FULL of tricks to allow you expressions and natural poses.


The Evening / The Photobooth

Inside the dining room and outside, it is interesting to work with candles or beautiful artificial lights. The candles are a pretty decoration. Do not be afraid to use light garlands, they allow to give relief to images and brighten up.

You have chosen a formula with a PhotoBooth? Here is the program !

For an hour after the opening of the party, while the atmosphere begins to heat up, I install a complete photo studio at the place of your choice, but relatively close to the dancefloor. I shoot for 1 hour « burst » group photos. In the end, about 500 photos will be mounted to make a « stop-motion » video of a few minutes. The video will be delivered at the same time as the photos and downloadable by all guests, free of charge. In my opinion, this is the most original way to take pictures of living and offbeat groups ! Be careful, its location is essential ! I need a nice decor and be close enough to the dancefloor to catch its energy.


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